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Love her speech and study.  Such a powerful message!!! feel grateful to receive it in 2014!!!


This is a such meaningful book!! can not wait to share with you!!! I personally do not really like reading, but this book is just so good that I can not stop reading it!!! Share a little bit of it with you! Hopefully, you find it inspirational, too!

If you are interested in Rework, you can visit here.   Enjoy~ =D


Watched this video few years ago.. I know it’s an old video by now… but just want to have it in my blog..=).. if you already watched it before, hopefully, the video still brings a great positive message to you at the beginning of 2010. If you have not watched it before, it’s worth to watch it NOW!!!

got a chance to know this foundation today through Terra. Hopefully, I can do at least one pro bono project this year. I really need to use my time smarter and more useful this year! hopefully, I have more things to share this year! =)

Today we visited the New People in Japantown.. New People, a nice place to check out!!Noritake , a great artist!!
You can find more things are interesting and inspirational here I believe.

Have fun there in 2010, guys!!  ^_^

Very good company model and brand voice.. it’s not about making money but also using their creativity to change things around the world.

their blog


Doing some researches today and suddenly saw this video..
I watched this movie last year… it was very inspirational…This part is the most memorable to me..  Sometimes, when I feel down, this message shows up and cheers me up!! share with you… =)

“Do not never let some body tell you you can’t do something.. not even me. All right!? You got dream. You got protected it.. people can not do something by themselves.. they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, GO GET IT, period.”


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