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Love her speech and study.  Such a powerful message!!! feel grateful to receive it in 2014!!!

“The never-ending thrill of being a part of something that is so big, you can hardly get your head around it. and the promise that is just might change the world!” by Margaret Gould Stewart! Love her~

Great Speech! Enjoy~ =D

This is a such meaningful book!! can not wait to share with you!!! I personally do not really like reading, but this book is just so good that I can not stop reading it!!! Share a little bit of it with you! Hopefully, you find it inspirational, too!

If you are interested in Rework, you can visit here.   Enjoy~ =D


A great story about Ang Lee and his wife!!!
I am so proud of them!!!!! =D

– – – – – – – – – – – – – —

In 1978, as I applied to study film at the University of Illinois, my father vehemently objected. He quoted me a statistic: ‘Every year, 50,000 performers compete for 200 available roles on Broadway.’ Against his advice, I boarded a flight to the U.S. This strained our relationship. In the two decades following, we exchanged less than a hundred phrases in conversation.

Some years later, when I graduated film school, I came to comprehend my father’s concern. It was nearly unheard of for a Chinese newcomer to make it in the American film industry. Beginning in 1983, I struggled through six years of agonizing, hopeless uncertainty. Much of the time, I was helping film crews with their equipment or working as editor’s assistant, among other miscellaneous duties. My most painful experience involved shopping a screenplay at more than thirty different production companies, and being met with harsh rejection each time…..

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This is cool!!! a huge collaborative work from different places in the world! =D

This is from a real story~~~ Liu Yin has spending his life to help these poor kids.. very touching. Can not wait to share with you~
PS: it has a tiny English subtitle. =p


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