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Sour: Mirror

Posted on: December 14, 2010

Very cool campaign. Once you connect it to your social networks! magic happens! =D

you can experience it at SOUR/MIRROR

The lyrics of the Song:
Everything that I see with these eyes. Are the reflections of my heart/ All that’s ugly and all that’s beautiful. They’re all mirror images of my heart. If I can’t see through the frosted glass. I should keep on polishing my soul. Even if I worry about the changing world. I won’t change the way I feel. Someone’s happiness and someone’s unhappiness. Sadness and joy keeps falling out of your embrace. Even if you can’t see from all the tears. Let’s not place an umbrella over our hearts. If you grieve about the world. we should all move on together. Your smile is my mirror. I want to make it shine even brighter. My heart will always be reflected upon you. Those eyes that stare into mine. You are the most precious thing in life. For this, I can keep on walking forever. Your smile is my mirror. I want to make it shine even brighter. And let’s project our world together. You are the most precious thing in life. And with our eyes gazing at each other. Let’s keep on walking together, forever———-

The idea of this music video…
The song ‘Utsushi Kagami’ (Mirror) sings about the fact that everything and everyone around you is a mirror that reflects yourself. You can find who you are in the reflection of others. These lyrics sounded to be a great opportunity to create a fully interactive music video, collecting all the different datas on your social networking sites and using it as a platform of entertainment. Every viewing experience will be personalized based on your social network status, by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, and the webcam.

Enjoy! =)


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