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25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time

Posted on: January 6, 2010

1_Jesse James Garrett | UX Week 2009 | Adaptive Path
2_User Experience Best Practices | by Nick Finck
3_Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy
4_Jeffrey Veen | UX Week 2009 | Adaptive Path
5_UX Team Of One @ IA Summit 2008 | by IA Summit
6_Experience Is The Product | by Peter Merhollz
7_Robert Fabricant – Behavior is our Medium
8_Web Form Design | by Luke Wrobleski
9_User Experience Design for Non-Designers | by Shawn Konopinsky
10_The importance of identity and vision to UX designers on agile projects | by Johanna Kollmann, Helen Sharp & Ann Blandford
11_Learning IxD From Everyday Objects | by Bill DeRouchey, Ziba Design
12_Two videos: Information and Architecture
13_Wireframes for the Wicked | by Nick Finck, Michael Angels, and Donna Spencer
14_Design Prototyping: Bringing Wireframes to Life | By Dan Harrelson
15_Journey to the Center of Design | by Jared Spool
16_User-Centered Design 101 | by Frank Spillers
17_The Experience | by Aaron Forth
18_Mobile User Experiences | by Rachel Hinman
19_Tap Is the New Click | by Dan Saffer
20_10/GUI | by Clayton Miller
21_Steve Krug on the least you can do about usability
22_AJAX Usability | by Kelly Norton
23_Jason Fried of 37signals Speaking at Business of Software 2008
24_Sketching User Experiences | by Bill Buxton
25_Don Norman | UX Week 2008 | Adaptive Path

A great study!! 25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time!!


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