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I LOVE LIFE 珍愛生命 永不放棄!

Posted on: May 17, 2009

I Love Life” is a campaign that is currently running in Taiwan.
This event invites the kids who have horrible cancers and won’t live for too long as a spokesman. All of them have a same dream that is a simple desire of living longer life. One of kids in the video said ,“Can you live a good life for me?!” It’s a very powerful message. It is very sad that they won’t get a chance to fight for their dreams and spend a longer life time with their families. But we can!! No matter how many failures that we need to go through and how difficult things we need to experience, we still have a better chance that we can make it through…

This event encourages people look their lives seriously. I think it is very meaningful, especially in this economic crisis moment. Do not give up things easily!!! I LOVE LIFE, I am BorFang!! ^0^

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Love my Life. Humm.. Good Word


[…] and his son. In this event, one thing that made me really exciting about was i met the sponsor of I Love Life campaign (I talked about this campaign in an earlier post ). His name is Chien-Chou Chen(English name: […]

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