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Posted on: March 11, 2009

Designer’s Journal is a project that gives me a chance to think deeply what design means to me in my life.


Design Touches My Heart

Designing is a n experience of a life time. This impression is like the wind I can’t see but ca n fee l. It influences and changes my life unconsciously. I believe every work of a rt has its own story that hidden within. T he meaning comes from how deeply we see inside the art work.


How I Began My Design Journal

First, I asked myself what “design” means to me. The answers gave me key words with which to work. Next, I began to brainstorm. This process is not easy, but it does help clear my mind of any hidden assumptions I might have about the project. Finally, I could begin the project with a fresh start.


My Definition of Design

When design is working at its best, it’s all about touching people’s hearts. When everything is right in a design, it seems to bypass the brain and go straight for the heart. Its impact is instantaneous; that’s real communication.


Design Makes a Difference

Today, as I watched the animated film, “Robots.” It’s amazing to see how much difference the designer makes even in things like films. “Robot City” introduces a lot of interesting concepts to transportation and architecture in a world populated by very human machines. The robots themselves are also the results of perfect creative designers. I especially liked how many of the robots’ eyes were created from headlights and their bodies from lots of different shapes, materials and junked parts.


Inspiration Is Freedom

Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. Every time I clear my mind to think and create, I pull in everything around me. It doesn’t matter if the idea I have really exists in the world or not. When I visualize through design and art, that is when design and life come together.

Designer’s Journal Video


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